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Ford aims to be hybrid leader

After some disappointing quarterly results, Ford has made it clear where its future lies - with plans to become the number one hybrid car producer in America next year. Ford intends to double the number of hybrid cars it offers with hybrid versions of the Ford Fusion and Mercury Milan to be added to the Mercury Mariner and Ford Escape Hybrid the company already offers. The company's director of powertrain research, Dan Kapp, discussed the long-term strategy for the business at a recent Press event in Portland, Oregon, and outlined that the plan is to advance fuel-saving technologies across the product line and begin to delve into plug-in hybrids and more. After that the company will look into hydrogen fuel-cell cars, biofuel-powered cars and any other new technologies. In particular, Kapp chose to highlight the EcoBoost engine available on select models. With direct injection and turbo charging it can raise fuel economy by as much as 20 per cent and can lower exhaust emissions by around 15 per cent. Kapp also highlighted that Ford offers the first driveable hydrogen fuel-cell PHEV in the Edge HySeries but admitted that Ford was not pursuing hydrogen powered cars as quickly as Honda.

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Paul Lucas

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Harold Kovac

First set a goal of 30 city mpg as a minimum, make it affordable for the masses (me) let the people who want to throw their money out the tailpipe pay for about a 30-50% premium for high hp gas hogs.

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