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Hertz joins green car hire battle

Green cars are dominating the car hire industry to the point that some of the world's largest car rental companies are battling to boost their eco credibility in an effort to win a larger market share. Hertz has become the latest company to get in on the act. Firstly, it is introducing a new car-sharing offering called Connect that will be available in New York City, Paris and London with 20 additional cities to be added later this year. The program, which requires a $50 membership fee, allows members to rent cars by the hour or day. Rates begin at $8.50 and vary depending on the type of vehicle. It is a clear effort by Hertz, which is established as the largest car hire company in the world, to challenge the dominance of Zipcar in the car-sharing market. Much like its adversary, Hertz will allow members to reserve cars online then use an electronic card to unlock the car where the keys always remain. Petrol and car insurance is included within the hourly or daily rates. In addition, Hertz has added 3,400 new Toyota Prius hybrid cars to its rental fleet while the Connect scheme will include both the Prius and the BMW MINI Cooper. Green cars have become a favourite among car hire customers due to their greater fuel efficiency and lower emissions.

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Paul Lucas

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