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Most fuel efficient cars in Japan revealed

Japan has been the epicentre for green car production beginning with the mainstream success of the Toyota Prius and continuing with Nissan's commitment to electric car production and Honda's success trialling its hydrogen powered FCX Clarity model. So with so much going on in the land of the rising sun, which vehicle can be deemed the most fuel efficient? Now Japan's Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism has released a top 10 list of the most fuel efficient cars sold last year. The result saw the Toyota Prius once again names as the standard bearer in the small-sized vehicle category with the Daihatsu Mira topping the light vehicle segment. The Prius finished in top spot with a mileage of 35.5km/l and was closely followed by the Honda Civic Hybrid at 31km/l. The Toyota Vitz (Yaris) came in third place with 24.5km/l. The three cars that took the top spots also finished ahead of the pack in 2008. Toyota has also promised that the partly solar powered Prius due to be released in may will offer further improvements - enhancing the fuel efficiency of its predecessor by 10 per cent. Meanwhile, in the light vehicle segment the Daihatsu Mira scored a mileage of 27km/l, beating out the Subaru R1/R2 and Suzuki's Alto Lapin which each totalled 24.5km/l. It was the first time that the Alto Lapin had featured on the list. The top 10s in each segment were as follows: Small and standard sized vehicles: 1. Toyota Prius - 35.5km/l 2. Honda Civic Hybrid - 31.0km/l 3. Toyota Vitz - 24.5km/l 4. Honda Fit - 24.0km/l 5. Toyota iQ - 23.0km/l =5. Mazda Demio - 23.0km/l =5. Smart ForTwo Coupe - 23.0km/l =5. Smart ForTwo Cabriolet - 23.0km/l 9. Toyota Belta - 22.0km/l 10. Toyota Passo - 21.5km/l =10. Daihatsu Boon - 21.5km/l Light vehicle category: 1. Daihatsu Mira - 27.0km/l 2. Subaru R1 - 24.5km/l =2. Subaru R2 - 24.5km/l =2. Suzuki Alto Lapin - 24.5km/l 5. Subaru Stella - 23.0km/l =5. Daihatsu Move - 23.0km/l =5. Daihatsu Sonica - 23.0km/l =5. Daihatsu Move Conte - 23.0km/l =5. Suzuki Wagon R - 23.0km/l =5. Suzuki Cervo - 23.0km/l =5. Mazda AZ Wagon - 23.0km/l

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Paul Lucas

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Chris (greencarvideos)

Can't wait to see next years top ten. Hope the Honda Insight Hybrid will make the first or second place.


Go Daihatsu Mira, I own 2 of them '91 and '94 models.

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