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Does the Chevy Volt still have a future?

Its been one of the most talked about green cars every since its inception, but now the Wall Street Journal is questioning whether the Chevrolet Volt should have a future at all. With General Motors now under predominant Government control, the newspaper has questioned whether the Volt is worth the cash outlay. On one hand, the government is under pressure to increase fuel economy and to produce green cars with wide appeal - something that the Volt seems to achieve with ease. However, with the Government owning 70 per cent of the company after its bankruptcy re-organisation it needs GM to get back into the black as soon as possible and the expensive Volt will not help the company to make money in the short-term. The Journal went as far as to speculate that the Government may consider an increase in tax on gas in the USA in the hope that higher fuel prices will drive up demand for plug-in cars like the Volt and with GM saying it will tie the price of the car to the price of gas when the vehicle is launched next year.

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Paul Lucas

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