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Punto Evo to make Frankfurt debut

Described as the evolution of the Grande Punto, the Fiat Punto Evo will make its debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show this month. The new Punto Evo has a host of environmental features including Start&Stop, the system that switches off an engine and restarts it in stop and go traffic. The company will also offer methane and LPG units of the vehicle as well as a range of Euro 5 engines including a 1.3litre second-generation Multijet diesel and a 1.4litre petrol engine with MultiAir electro-hydraulic valve-timing. MultiAir technology made its debut at the Geneva Motor Show and will be introduced into all petrol engines fitted in Fiat Group cars gradually. It uses a new electro-hydraulic valve management system for direct control of air and combustion and supports reduced fuel consumption by controlling air directly via its inlet valves without putting pressure on the throttle. It is estimated that a MultiAir engine develops around 10 per cent more power and consumes 10 per cent less fuel, while emitting 10 per cent less carbon dioxide (CO2), 40 per cent fewer particulates and 60 per cent less nitrogen oxide compared to conventional petrol engines. Similar results have been achieved where the system has been adopted with diesel engines. The Multijet diesel engines offer more accurate combustion as well as benefits for consumption, emissions and drivability. It is estimated that there is a reduction of around 30 per cent in nitrogen oxide emissions. The Fiat Punto Evo is expected to go on sale during October.

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