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France unveils 14 point plan for electric cars

The green car race is not restricted to vehicle manufacturers desperate to steal a march on their rivals – it’s also apparent that some of the leading nations are battling to be the first to have infrastructure in place for the electrification of the automobile. France is the latest country to throw its name into the hat with its minister for ecology, energy, sustainable development and the sea, Jean Louis Borloo, presenting a national 14-point plan to accelerate the development and commercialisation of electric cars and plug-in hybrids. The Government hopes to have two million electric and plug-in vehicles on its roads by 2020. So how will this be achieved? Here’s a step-by-step look at the 14-point plan:Point one: The French Environment and Energy Management Agency (ADEME) will launch a call for projects on infrastructure costs to support plug-in demonstrators and trials and to validate an ecosystem of rechargeable vehicles. For this stage of the plan, which will begin in early 2010, €70million has been dedicated.Point two: Also early in 2010, ADEME will establish mobility solutions looking at developments in transportation based on new technology and service – this has a budget of €25million.Point three: Renault will establish a lithium-ion battery factory in Flins that will produce 100,000 batteries a year – the investment here will be €625million.Point four: A group of companies including La Poste, EPA, Air France, EDF Energy, France Telecom and more, will commit to buying electric vehicles with a range of at least 150km. It is hoped to have 100,000 vehicles by 2015.Point five: There will be a €5,000 grant to buy vehicles with CO2 emissions less than or equal to 60g/km until 2012. Hybrids, LPG or natural gas vehicles with emissions less than or equal to 135g/km may also benefit from a €2,000 bonus.Point six: Establishment of standard outlets to charge cars outside homes.Point seven: Construction of buildings with compulsory charging systems by 2012.Point eight: Support for installation of charging systems in condominiums.Point nine: Compulsory charging points in parking for office buildings by 2015.Point 10: An agreement on common European charging standards.Point 11: Support for municipalities to deploy public recharging infrastructure.Point 12:  €1.5billion for the deployment of a public infrastructure network.Point 13: To maximise the use of renewable electricity for recharging vehicles.Point 14: Find ways to give batteries and materials a second life through recycling or other forms of reuse.

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Paul Lucas

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Sarah Lasker

“(Please freely repost this)

This funding for the car companies was all "pay to play", insider, self-dealing. The companies that were turned down had the exact same things in common:
1. They did not pay hundreds of thousands to buy influence. This is on public record and can be investigation under lobby and cost filings.
2. They did not make campaign contributions.
3. Each of the reasons they were told they were turned down were violated with each of the companies that did get money.
4. They were doing all of the work in the U.S. unlike those who did get the money.
5. They had a car design and those who got the money were “thinking about doing a car design”.
6. You could not draw a line from them to a politician or a person who made money or political gain unlike those who did get the money.

Every one of the people that did get money got the “requirements” of the section 136 law waived or were in direct violation of the intent-of-the-law yet the DOE team for that money used those very same “requirements” to say that they would deny funding to those who had not contributed.

It was a crooked set of deals and the regulatory, law enforcement and voters need to make some noise about this.”

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