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Pint of beer? That'll be £18 please....

£6.50 for a loaf of bread, £7 for a box of cornflakes and £18 for a pint of beer - these are the eye watering prices we could face in 2030 unless urgent action is taken to prevent dangerous climate change, Friends of the Earth has suggested. The figures were published today by environmental charity, 40 days before UN climate talks kick off in Copenhagen. The price of staple foods is set to rocket four and a half times above normal inflation as changing climate puts extra stress on land and resources around the world, exacerbating the existing food crisis. Yields of crops like wheat, rice and maize will fall and patterns of trade and consumption would be affected, the charity said. Spiralling costs of basics like bread, rice and pasta will mean that many million more people will struggle to buy enough food to keep healthy. The figures have been produced by Ray Hammond, a leading expert in predicting future social and economic trends and Visiting Lecturer at the University of Oxford's Institute for the Future of Humanity. He modelled the future prices of consumer foodstuffs for Friends of the Earth using previous price hikes recorded by the World Bank and projections by the International Food Policy Research Institute. Projected prices of other staple foods in 2030 include; £17.91 for a 1 litre corn oil (now £1.99, which would be £3.98 by 2030 with normal inflation)and £15.21 for 1 kg of basmati rice (now £1.69, expected to be £3.38 with normal inflation. As pressure mounts ahead of the United Nations climate change talks in Copenhagen, the report serves as a reminder that global warming is expected to hit ordinary Britons hard, as well as causing storms, droughts, famine and floods that will affect the developing world. In his report, Hammond echoes Friends of the Earth's call for a strong and fair agreement in Copenhagen, in which rich countries promise to cut their emissions by at least 40 per cent by 2020 without carbon offsetting, and pledge sufficient public funds to enable poor nations to develop cleanly and adapt to the impacts of climate change. He also advises urgent political action to address the underlying causes of the food crisis. Ray Hammond said: "Rich countries must take strong and decisive action to propel us towards a strong and fair agreement in Copenhagen in December - otherwise many people in the UK will face a Dickensian struggle to afford food and millions of people in the developing world will be condemned to early deaths." Friends of the Earth Head of Climate Mike Childs said: "This vision of life in 2030 shows that life with climate change won't be pretty, it'll be pricey - the cost of simple foods like bread and rice will rocket and millions more people will go hungry here in the UK alone. "Rich nations must also slash their emissions first and fast - cutting them by at least 40 per cent by 2020, without offsetting, to get us on the road to a strong and fair climate agreement which will safeguard the future of our planet and everyone on it." "The root causes of the food crisis must also be tackled. We need urgent political action to create fair global food supplies and make farming planet-friendly - from field to fork our food currently creates up to half of all greenhouse gas emissions." Friends of the Earth is demanding that the Government changes its approach to climate change with its Demand Climate Change campaign.

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Faye Sunderland

Filed under: Green credentials


Vamonos Bandidos

Friends of the Earth, are no longer friends of human kind. These Malthusian human hating bunch of dew eyed charlatans are for ever screaming the end of the world is neigh all in the way of making acceptable the current policies of neo liberal/conservatives in creating even a greater division between the working classes, and the parasitic upper classes.

The figures of pounds for bread, and cornflakes are very true, but not because of some phony climate change events, but the simple inflationary pressures of communism for the parasitic money lenders, and their cohorts in the upper classes, and in your face capitalism for the rest of the working classes.

The fact that Friends of the Earth, Greens et all ought command no respect is their incorporation in to the main stream politics, which as we all know is the domain of; crooks, liars, and greedy carpet baggers.

Shoot a penguin, polar bear, and or catch a whale today just so that you are not known as a green, green is no longer the colour of the People but it is now that of the establishment.

Appolonius of Ottawa

What nonsense! Both water vapour and methane are more potent greenhouse gases!!! Besides, if you were truly honest you would concede that solar activity affects global temperature the most. Go tax cow farts and the mists of the moors, you silly Englishmen. Now go away, or I shall have to taunt you again!!!


These are the prices we'll be paying in 2012 thanks to your NWO bull.

GTR5 1967

The planet is not in crisis because of carbon dioxide concentrations, which have been 10-20 times the current level with no destruction of the poles or acidification of the seas, and have been far higher than at present during ice ages. But if the simpletons who seize upon human activity as the cause of all our ills really want to court disaster they should look no farther than human activity in connection with misguided policy at best and totally cynical and potentially catostrophic at worst. Taxing greenhouse gases, which have a negligible impact on climate at best, creates yet another bubble for the same bankers who've already trashed our financial system and run away with the loot, and does nothing to resolve the perceived problem on a technical level. Nor does rash adoption of frightfully ineffective and inefficient "green" technology.

Nobody likes pollution, but as CO2 is not a pollutant your time and energy would be better spent fighting real threats to the planet's health like nuclear weapons testing, warfare, depleted uranium, bio-weapons development, petrochemical damage to water and soil systems, and genetically modified life forms.

Ken Hall

"changing climate puts extra stress on land and resources around the world, exacerbating the existing food crisis. Yields of crops like wheat, rice and maize will fall"

Well, global cooling would be even more damaging to crop yields, thank God it is warm. Besides, this is written in such a way as to suggest that the climate was previously, and is currently, in a state of stasis, and change is abnormal. The default nature of the climate for billions of years has been one of change, often far greater and quicker than what we are witnessing today. There is nothing new in suggesting that the changing climate is a threat to crop cultivation. IT ALWAYS ALWAYS HAS BEEN! The only new idea is this crazy notion that mankind has to suddenly control the global climate, instead of adapt to it.

What IS going to drive up the cost of food and other staples, is the insane levels of taxation on energy and fuel proposed to "tackle climate change"


And missing from this bit of research, how much will these things cost if we _do_ meet these co2 reduction targets? Is there a guarantee that prices won't just rise for some other reason, something else won't happen, like, perhaps, volcanic induced cooling? If it gets cold enough, things like corn oil and rice would not be expensive, they would be un-obtainable.

Robert Henry

Pint of beer? That’ll be £18 please???

When Gorbachev was asked what he thought about the 'Green', 'Environmental Movement', he said, "It is successful beyond our wildest dreams."

Meaning: The 'ecology' /'greens' 'movement' was conceived and financed by the Soviets.



More scaremongering with made up numbers. The cultists are getting desperate.
The earth has stopped warming and is in fact starting to cool, move on to the next scam guys, this ones busted!

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