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Tata selects battery partner for electric programme

Miljobil Grenland AS, the Norwegian subsidiary of Tata Motors, the company that bought out Jaguar and Land Rover in 2008, has awarded a contract to supply batteries for the Indica Vista electric vehicle project to South Korea’s Energy Innovation Group (EIG). The agreement will see EIG supply 20Ah lithium-ion polymer cells to Miljobil Grenland AS for design validation and engineering sign-off scheduled for early 2010. The supply agreement will also see two million battery cells supplied through to the end of 2012, along with their associated parts and services. The cells are optimised for application in plug-in hybrid electric vehicles and full electric vehicles with specific energy of 175Wh/kg and energy density of 370Wh/L. EIG achieved its certification for design earlier this year – making it the first Korean large format lithium-ion manufacturer to do so.  Following an audit by Miljobil Grenland and Tata Motor’s European Technical Centre it was recognised as meeting the requirements of a preferred supplier. The news comes one year after battery supplier Electrovaya announced it would partner with Tata Motors and Miljo Grenland/Innovasjon to manufacture batteries and electric cars in 2009. As part of the deal Electrovaya became a shareholder of Miljo Grenland, which is establishing a manufacturing facility in the country. The plant will focus on zero emission production and will meet all EU and Norwegian environmental requirements. However, as the plant will take some time to set up, Tata requires a cell supply for its initial production period hence it needed a second source supplier in the form of EIG.

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