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Helsinki to host electric display of green cars

It’s the Electric Motor Show this weekend in Helsinki, and a whole host of innovative electric cars will be on display at the Exhibition & Convention Centre in the Finnish capital. Among the exhibitors will be Think, the Norwegian electric vehicle will be making its Finnish motor show debut with its Think City electric car. The Think city car has a range of 112 miles and a top speed of 65mph. Production of this two seat model grounded to a halt during the credit crunch and resumed this summer, with Think hoping to continue delivers before the end of the year.tesla-image Joining Think, will be Tesla with its Roadster sports car. Tesla is the first to sell a full production electric car in the UK and is known for its hefty price tag too, retailing at a cool £94,000. In addition to the Roadster, a whole host of little electric cars will be exhibited at the fair alongside an array of electric scooter and quadricycles: Mega eCity, Mega Multitruck, E-Z-GO RXV (golf cart), Sanifer L7e, Sanifer L6e, Toyota Prius (Plug-in and Flexible-fuel technology models) and ZEV Seven. Add this to the exhibition of the eCorolla electric car conversion project brought by the eCars Now! Global Community movement. It represents the first step in the manufacture of conversion kits that can be replicated in large numbers. So-called open source thinking was applied to the eCorolla design, which converts an old-technology internal combustion engine car into a modern electric vehicle. In addition to the eCorolla, the conversion block contains electrically-powered VW Golf, eYaris and Audi A8 cars as well as the Secma Fun Buggy electric kei car. Also on display will be various electric car conversions in different stages of completion. A series of panel discussions with industry experts is also planned for the event with questions like; is electric motoring really possible and will the capacity of the electricity distribution network be sufficient finally answered by experts. The Electric Motor Show takes place at the Helsinki Exhibition & Convention Centre on 6-8 November 2009. The fair is open from 9 am to 7 pm on Friday and from 10 am to 6 pm on Saturday and Sunday.

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Faye Sunderland

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