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Electric cars get own motor racing series

The world's first 'green' motor racing series, based totally around electric cars, has been launched in London, with plans to have cars racing across Europe in 2011.

EV CUP_logo-image

A pioneering new series, known as the EV (Electric
Vehicles) Cup, is working with vehicle manufacturers to bring together a range of electric-powered cars to race at top circuits throughout Europe.

A new, London-based company, EEVRC Ltd, has been set up to introduce and run this new racing sector, which aims to help the car makers change the image of electric vehicles, from being local runabouts to high-performance, highly-desirable cars.

The EV Cup events initially plan to feature three different sectors of cars. The City and Sports classes will use race-prepared production cars, while the Prototype class will feature innovative new models. Already EV manufacturers THINK, Ginetta, Lightning Car Company and GreenGT have expressed their support for the series.

ginetta-g50-electric-car-iamge In 2010, EV Cup will hold a number of promotional events in the UK and mainland Europe, aimed at giving the public and would-be competitors a chance to sample the high power delivery of these innovative, green electric cars.

In 2011, the series is provisionally planning a six-race programme of events at top motor racing circuits in the UK, France and Germany. The organisers will work with the national and world-wide governing bodies to establish a unique, new set of rules for electric cars, with particular emphasis on safety.

Says Managing Director Sylvain Filippi: "We are creating an opportunity for the EV manufacturers to promote their vehicles in a new and exciting way. We want to show that green motor sport is a reality - and an exciting one at that."

The team at EV Cup have a wealth of experience in the motor industry, electric vehicle development and motor sport, all three sectors of which are seen as paramount in making this green concept motor sport take off.

Directors Sylvain Filippi and Andrew Lee have eight years' experience within the electric vehicle sector. Race Director Grahame Butterworth has more than 30 years experience within motor sport as a competitor, organiser and sponsor. Most recently he introduced the innovative Fun Cup endurance series to the UK, where it is now flourishing.

Further details of the series and photos for download can be viewed at

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Faye Sunderland

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