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New electric XD to debut at Geneva

Croatia’s first dip into electric car production is to be unveiled at the forthcoming Geneva Motor Show.XD concept The XD concept is manufactured by DOK-ING, a speciality vehicle manufacturer based in Zagreb. Better known as a maker of mining, fire fighting and mine-clearance vehicles, its first attempt at a electric car comes in the form of a compact (just 2.8 metres long) vehicle which seats up to three adults and is alleged to have the performance akin to a compact sports car despite its city-esque appearance. According to the manufacturer the XD can accelerate up to 100km in just 7.7 seconds.XD-red_studio Using  electric rear-wheel drive, the vehicle is powered by 2 X 40 kW engines. Its 32 kWh battery gives the XD a range of 200-250 kilometres and a charge time of between three and eight hours. Its bubble shape design akin to the likes of the Citroen C1, has two doors that open vertically and strong aerodynamic properties with low drag coefficient factor of 0.35. Safety features include 360 degree airbags, an integrated safety system for electric stability, and ABS brakes. Other features include power steering, and the ability to choose sport and economy drive modes to increase efficiency. Future production of the concept car will be based on special orders or in co-operation with a strategic partner. The firm hopes to attract investors while at the Swiss motor show which opens to the public from March 4.

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Faye Sunderland

Filed under: Electric cars


Mladen Lucic

I have always dreamed to see a Croatian made car! This is a wonderful start! It took only two months to design this cool car. I'm sure there will be even bigger surprises down the road from this company! BRAVO!

Graham Cooper

The Croatian XD has to be re-engineered before it goes on sale. Rear wheel drive? Forget about it. FWD is essential and no CV joint required, because each wheel can have it's own motor. Doh!!!

Paul Howard

this looks remarkably like the Xero Technology X-EV electric car, which has been nearly 2 years in development. i just cant see how it can be done in 2 months. but anything is possible i suppose. good luck. anybody know what batteries they are using ?

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