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Axon hybrid car launches Plug-in Places scheme

Axon Automotive has been selected to be part of a signing ceremony to launch the cooperation between E-ON and Milton Keynes council over plans to install electric car recharging points.

Milton Keynes is one of three ‘Plugged-in Places’ locations across the country, which will receive funding to install recharging infrastructure to accelerate the uptake of electric cars.

Axon Automotive


“We are really excited by the electric vehicle facilities that will be available in MK and it’s a great place to see how electric cars, including the Axon, are used in practice”, says Steve Cousins, Axon’s Director. 

“Our car is a Plug-in Hybrid”, he added, “allows full electric mode for local travel and uses a petrol or bioethanol powered engine for long distance or motorway travel.  This way we have no limitation on range but can also maximise the benefits of electrics day to day without the cost and weight of large batteries”.

The Axon car is a multipurpose vehicle built for two adults plus room for luggage.  The cars is expected to qualify for a £5000 government subsidy and will be available from early 2012.

The car will also be on display from April 16 and 17 at the UK Aware environment show at London Olympia.

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