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LEAF orders soar in first three weeks

Orders in Japan for Nissan’s electric LEAF model have reached 3,754 in three weeks- more than half its target for the entire year.

The carmaker launched the pre-order process for its all electric model in its home country on April 1, and orders now are fast approaching the 6,000 unit sales target set for the whole year.

The carmaker reports that it is already receiving highly positive feedback from customers for its "remarkable environmental performance of  zero-emission," "affordable pricing for an EV" and its "advanced IT system."

Nissan Leaf

Surprisingly, its private buyers who make up the majority of those first owners of the new model. Of orders so far received, 64 per cent come from individuals rather than company fleets. The model is selling well among the older generations too, with 61 per cent of orders coming from people aged 50 years and older.

The first models will be delivered to customers in Japan from December. The LEAF costs from 3.76 million yen (around £27,000) but could cost from 2.99 million yen- (equivalent to around £21,500) once expected Japanese government incentives for electric cars are taken into account.

The order books for the model opened in the US on Tuesday (April 20) too, where it is priced from just $25,280 (equivalent to just under £17,00) when federal tax credits are taken into account. Prior to these deductions, designed to boost the sale of greener alternatives, the LEAF will cost around $32,780 (circa £21,500). The first deliveries to US customers are expected by the end of the year.

The LEAF is a four seater C-segment hatchback, powered by lithium ion batteries capable of delivering a top speed of around 90mph and a range of the 100miles. It’s price has yet to be confirmed for the UK, but is expected to stand just over £20,000 once a £5,000 Government grant is taken into account. Deliveries to the UK are expected to start in March 2011, although Nissan has not set a date to start taking orders for the model from UK customers just yet.

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Faye Sunderland

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Graham Cooper

The design appeals to the Japanese. It looks like a fish - the "Dojo Loach" to be precise. No wonder it is popular - no shortage of early adopters.

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