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Nissan Leaf orders reopen in US

Nissan is to shortly reopen order books for the Leaf in the US despite its Oppama plant running at half capacity as part of the aftermath of the Japanese earthquake.

Nonetheless, the car maker ,determined to meet demand for its newly launched, first all-electric car will  once again begin taking orders for the model from May 1, after a first round reservations which opened  back in September 2010, resulted in thousands of orders being placed.

The Oppama plant, where the Leaf is currently manufactured, closed for three weeks after the earthquake and is still running at reduced capacity as the country continues to suffer blackouts and supply problems.

Nissan LEAF1

But now the car maker is reporting that the first shipment of post-earthquake cars is on its way to US to help meet demand for the model and complete deliveries which were delayed by the chaos caused by the natural disaster.

Reservations first will reopen in the launch states of Arizona, California, Hawaii, Oregon, Tennessee, Texas and Washington. Individuals who already have registered on the Nissan LEAF website – a group that now totals 340,000 potential owners – will be given the first opportunity to reserve a spot in line to purchase a Nissan LEAF.

More markets will follow, with market availability in the southeastern United States (Alabama, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Maryland, South Carolina, and Virginia) from this autumn, and nationwide ordering in 2012, as the Japanese firm looks to accelerate its US market roll-out.

“Nissan is pleased to report that the first vessel carrying post earthquake-produced Nissan LEAFs is scheduled to arrive to U.S. shores April 27,” said Carlos Tavares, Chairman, Nissan Americas, at the keynote address of the New York International Auto Show. “Nissan LEAF deliveries are about to grow from the few hundreds, to the many thousands, and all current customer orders will be fulfilled by the end of this summer.”

This announcement comes on the heels of the debut of Nissan’s new ad campaign for the all-electric car, titled ‘Value of Zero.’ The campaign is a celebration of the 100-per cent electric Nissan LEAF, which uses no petrol fuel and emits zero tailpipe emissions. The campaign tagline, ‘Zero is Worth Everything,’ highlighting the car and reveals the true value of zero.

More than 500 Nissan LEAFs have been delivered to U.S. consumers since the December 2010 launch of this ground-breaking vehicle.

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