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Tesla travels from John o’Groats to Land’s End

A Tesla Roadster model has been successfully driven from John o’Groats to Land’s End as a new high power charging (HPC) network is launched across Great Britain.

The electric sports car maker has partnered with UK hotels and tourists destinations to provide the network across the country to make using your Tesla car (if you have one) that bit easier. To demonstrate the new network, over the weekend Kevin Sharpe, founder of Zero Carbon World, set off from John o’Groats in his electric blue Tesla Roadster taking with him EV expert David Peilow. Heading for Land’s End, the pair took turns driving and made stops to charge up using the new HPCs along the way. Each charge station is privately owned but available for public use, either provided free or for a nominal fee.

The network is the result of a grass-roots effort by Roadster drivers and forward-thinking hotels and resorts, Now Roadster owners can enjoy their cars’ breathtaking acceleration and 212 mile range as they tour Great Britain, and conveniently recharge while having a meal, using leisure facilities, or indulging in an overnight stay. Tesla’s High Power Connector (HPC) delivers a whopping 70 amps of electricity, fully charging an empty battery in less than three hours, and “topping off” a partially-charged battery in a fraction of that time. Complimenting the HPC network, Zero Carbon World, a charity dedicated to creating a clean energy future, has installed medium power connectors (MPCs), delivering 32 amps, at several sites throughout Britain. Tesla’s forthcoming Model S luxury saloon also can charge on the entire network.

“The long range of Tesla vehicles and fast charging at popular destinations via Tesla’s HPC make convenient, emissions-free driving throughout Britain a reality,” said Gian Avignone, Tesla’s Country Manager for UK and Ireland.

“After crossing the country on a single charge in a Tesla Roadster, I realised that national coverage would require surprisingly few charge stations,” said David Peilow. “I worked out the minimum number of sites for all of Britain to be reached, and found locations where drivers would be keen to stop and recharge. Once the benefits of hosting an EV charger were explained, most sites jumped at the chance to have one.”

Sharpe’s Roadster made stops in John o'Groats, Macdonald Aviemore Resort (PH22 1PN), Dalmahoy, a Marriott Hotel and Country Club, Kirknewton EH27 8EB, Radisson Blu Hotel, Durham DH1 5TL, The Nottingham Belfry – Q Hotels NG8 6PY, The Arden Hotel and Leisure Club, Bickenhill, B92 0EH, The Castle Hotel at Taunton TA1 1NF  and Land's End TR19 7AA to recharge and refresh.

Additional HPCs can be found at Westmorland Tebay Services and the Heathrow/Windsor Marriott Hotel; two more will be available soon at The Moat House Hotel at Acton Trussell and the Ashford International Hotel - Kent. A resort in South Wales also will host an HPC. Further, Zero Carbon World has installed MPCs at the Whitesands Lands End Hotel and Ackergill Tower. These additional stations give Roadster drivers even greater flexibility to explore Britain.

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