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GM achieves sales record in China

It’s now the most important automotive market in the world – so it’s no wonder that General Motors (GM) is celebrating achieving a new sales record inChina. The company, and its joint ventures, sold a record 1,273,502 vehicles in the first half of 2011 thanks to an all-time June sales record of 193,878 vehicles. In theUSmeanwhile, it also saw sales increase by 16.8 per cent compared to last year but still fell marginally short of the Chinese half year sales record with 1,261,633 vehicles sold. During the first half of the year, GM’s sales inChinaincreased 5.3 per cent compared to the first six months of 2010. Domestic sales by Shanghai GM were up 25 per cent year on year to a record 600,002 vehicles; sales of mini vehicles by SAIC-GM-Wuling dropped 5.4 per cent; and FAW-GM’s domestic sales were down 38.8 per cent. Buick sales increased by 28.2 per cent primarily due to demand for its Excelle lower medium passenger car family; and there was strong demand for Chevrolet models, led by the Cruze and Sail small cars prompting a 14.5 per cent year on year increase. Cadillac sales meanwhile jumped 88.3 per cent thanks to a strong boost in the popularity of the SLS luxury business saloon car and the SRX luxury utility vehicle.

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