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War of the EVs: Leaf outselling the Volt

The Nissan Leaf is outselling the home-grown green car competition, the Chevrolet Volt in the US, the latest sales data shows.

According to USA Today, the fully electric car outsold the Volt by a margin of 1,708 to 561 in June.

2011 Chevrolet Volt

In the first six months of the 2011, Nissan sold 3875 Leaf models, while Chevrolet sold just 2745 of its range-extended Volt car. While the Volt offers a greater driving range thanks to is back-up gasoline engine, the Leaf boasts cleaner driving ability as a 100 per cent battery electric powered car and costs around $9,000 less than the $41,000 Volt.

While the Leaf can get 100 miles per charge out of its battery, the Volt can drive around 50 miles of battery power alone before calling on its petrol engine to boost its range to a comfortable 310 miles.

Demand from the US for the Leaf is great news for Nissan, but recent disruptions to production in Japan following the March earthquake, are causing delays in supplying models to customers.

The Chevrolet Volt meanwhile is about to expand its market presence by arriving in Europe before the end of the year. It goes on sale in the UK in 2012 priced from £28,545 including the £5,000 Plug-in Car Grant. A rebadged version called the Vauxhall Ampera, priced at £28,995, also goes on sale next year. Meanwhile the Leaf, on sale since March in the UK, costs £25,990 with a Government electric car grant, making it the cheapest of the three. We’ll just have to wait and see if the Volt and sibling, the Ampera can level the playing field with the Leaf when they arrive over here.

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Faye Sunderland

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