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Nissan starts trials of new electric vehicle

Nissan has started trials of its New Mobility Concept EV, which is based on Renault’s Twizy electric car. At 2.34metres in length, 1.19metres wide and with a height of 1.45metres the two-seat vehicle is certainly one of the most diminutive around but will be big enough to carry two adults. It will also boast a top speed of 50mph and be able to travel 62miles between charges. It will go on trial in the area around Nissan’s headquarters in Yokohama Japan, with the trial also extending to Fukuoka Prefecture and Aomori Prefecture. The Yokohama trial will be split into two phases – the first from October 15-28, centred around people in the Motomachi shopping district; and the second open to local residents and tourists from November 17-30. Seven vehicles will be involved at no cost to the city, with Nissan hoping to gather usage data from a range of drivers including older people and tourists.

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