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Toyota focuses on four cylinder engines

Japanese carmaker Toyota is highly regarded for its efforts in pushing green technologies, and particularly hybrid cars. However, it is proving there is life in the internal combustion engine yet in the most important automotive market in the world. It has announced that GAC Toyota Engine Company Ltd, a joint venture with Guangzhou Automobile Group, has started production of four-cylinder, in-line AR engines at a plant in Nansha, Guangzhou City, China. The GAC Toyota Engine Company was established back in 2004 and had produced one million engines by 2009. The advanced engine will offer improved fuel efficiency, cleaner emissions and less noise despite having a larger displacement and a higher maximum output. It will be available in three displacements: a 2.5litre, a 2.7litre and a 2.5litre hybrid. The 2.5litre version has already been earmarked for the new Toyota Camry which will launch soon in China. Production of the AR engines will sit alongside the existing AZ engines; and total capacity will remain at 500,000 units per year. However, it will involve an additional investment of around US$96million.

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