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Honda finds second life for vital rare earth metals

Japanese carmaker Honda has already worked out how to extract rare earth metals from used nickel-metal hydride batteries (pictured): and now it expects to start reusing them before the end of the year.Rare Earth Metals

It has been extracting the metals at the plant of Japan Metals & Chemicals Company Limited since the end of April and it will now pursue the recycling of these vital resources for a wide range of parts, as well as for new nickel-metal hydride batteries themselves. Indeed the company is also looking at how to recover any residual voltage from a used battery and use it as a regenerative voltage during the disassembly process.

Honda’s commitment to recycling rare earth metals doesn’t end there: it will also strive to recycle the metals that are extracted from used parts, including both lithium-ion batteries and hybrid motors.

It’s not just in terms of rare earth metals that Honda has been working hard on recycling either. It has been collecting and recycling bumpers; selling functional used parts as reusable parts; and even reselling used oil filters.

Now it will continue to strengthen its network linking the reuse and recycling of resources to the effort of reducing the firm’s environmental footprint as a whole.

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Paul Lucas

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