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Norway confirms electric car incentives until 2018

Norway has decided to guarantee its package of support measures for electric cars until at least 2018.

A leading country in Europe for electric car uptake, Norway’s decision provides an important boost to the fledgling EV industry, which suffers from doubt over the longevity of support measures in other countries.

Electric cars outside the Norweigan Parliament

The benefits for electric car buyers which include exclusion from purchase tax, exemption from 25 per cent VAT, exemption from road tolls, free municipal parking and free access to bus lanes, are now secure until at least the next election in 2018 or when the country reaches 50,000 electric cars on the road.

Celebrating the news, The Norwegian Electric Vehicle Association (NEVA), is pushing for a new goal of 100,000 electric cars in Norway within year 2020.

Snorre Sletvold, the manager of the EV association met representatives for all the political parties in the Parliament to give his opinion on Norwegian electric cars policy.

Representing over half of the electric car owners in Norway, NEVA has applauded the country’s electric car policy so far. However, the association believes that a more ambitious target of 100,000 electric cars by 2020, is required to build a sustainable market for electric cars and the charging infrastructure in the country. About 80 electric cars drove past the Norwegian Parliament building to show their support for the government’s decision.

Norway already has over 3,200 free charging stations for public use and within the year, is expected to add 70 fast charging stations. The Scandinavian country also has over 7,000 electric cars on the road, despite having a population of just 5 million. This makes it the world leader in ibuilding a market for electric vehicles. Its capital, Oslo is considered the EV capital of the world, with the highest EV density of any capital city. Yet electric cars still just constitute for 2.5 per cent of new cars sold in Norway each month, meaning NEVA still believes the country has a long way to go to achieve full EV acceptance.

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