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Toyota Prius+ now on sale

Toyota has begun deliveries for its new Prius+ today.

The seven-seater incarnation of the standard-setting hybrid is longer, taller and wider than a typical T3 Prius but still manages to offer competitive fuel consumption while preserving the eco-credentials the Prius has become famed for.

The base T4 model arrives in UK showrooms as the first multi-purpose vehicle to breach the 100g/km CO2 threshold to unlock free road tax and no London C-Charge. The higher spec T Spirit trim just misses out, emitting 101g/km of CO2.

 Toyota Prius  Prius Plus white 2012 a

It may be larger with the extra space allowing for a third row of foldable seats at the back or a significantly larger boot, but fuel consumption is just as attractive.

The T4 model is capable of 68.9mpg on a combined cycle, a return that is just 3.5mpg less than the regular 72.4mpg Prius. The T Spirit also remains competitive at 64.2mpg.

Read our more in-depth report on the Prius+ here 

Certain sections of the Prius+ have been significantly reduced in weight to counteract the added weight and preserve those all important emissions and fuel economy. The lithium-ion battery is 8kg lighter, the bonnet is nearly half the weight as before, the exhaust is a third lighter with the pillars cut by 22% in weight.

The Prius+ is driven by the same 1.8-litre VVT-i petrol engine as in the standard Prius with the familiar Hybrid Synergy Drive system unlocking an all-electric mode for stop/start city driving.

Toyota reports that over 4,000 pre-orders were filed in the run-up to the Prius+'s launch with around 20,000 expected to be sold across Europe next year, 2,000 of which to British motorists.

Prices start from ?26,195 for the T3 model and ?29,495 for the T Spirit.

Toyota Prius  Prius Plus white 2012 b

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