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Global CO2 emissions rise by three per cent

It appears the battle against rising carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions has yet to be won – with a new report suggesting that they rose by three per cent last year.

The annual report Trends in global CO2 emissions, which is released by the Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency and the EC Joint Research Centre, suggests that the increase was above the decade’s average annual rise of 2.7 per cent. Exhaust Emissions

At the heart of the rise was growth in China and India – where emissions increased by nine per cent and six per cent respectively. China’s average emissions leapt to 7.2tonnes per capita – staying within the range of six-19 tonnes per capita of the major industrialised countries.

However, while the figure may be bleak overall, there was significant progress made in the European Union (with a decrease of three per cent) and both the United States and Japan (with a decrease of two per cent). In the European Union emissions were at 7.5 tonnes per capita; while the United States remained one of the world’s largest emitters at 17.3tonnes per capita.

Overall, the top emitters contributing to a global total of 34billion tonnes of CO2 emitted during 2011 are: China (29 per cent); the USA (16 per cent); the European Union (11 per cent); India (six per cent); and the Russian Federation (five per cent).

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