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Hybrid and electric car sales surge in the USA

Sales of hybrid and electric cars soared last month over in the USA as the number of available models increased. 

According to industry residual value firm Kelley Blue Book, sales of hybrid and electric vehicles surged 164 per cent on sales volumes in June of last year, despite falling fuel prices widely expected to dull interest in these most efficient of vehicles.

Toyota Prius v-one of the cars helping to boost hybrid sales in the USA

Sales are down from their March 2012 high, according to the firm’s Blue Book Market Report for July, but they remain stronger than in previous years. The Toyota Prius  led the growth, with sales increasing more than 300 per cent from June 2011, thanks to the introduction of the sub-compact Prius c model and the MPV Prius V (sold as the Prius+ here in Europe).

Another model based on the Prius-the Lexus CT200h also saw huge increases in sales in the States, improving nearly 500 per cent year-over-year.

The Chevrolet Volt also improved significantly, growing more than 200 per cent year on year. The Volt has outsold the Nissan Leaf nearly three-to-one so far this
year, despite its higher retail price.

The Leaf and the Honda CR-Z and Honda Insight are the only slackers in otherwise strengthening sector, with sales falling short of figures a year ago.

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Faye Sunderland

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