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New smart phone app could solve mobile phone driving issues

There are plenty of dangers associated with using a mobile phone (or “cell phone”) behind the wheel: but now a new smart phone application could address these problems.

A team at Stevens Institute of Technology and Rutgers University has designed an app that is able to pinpoint where in the car the mobile phone user is sitting – i.e. in the driver’s seat or the passenger seat – and can then take steps that will reduce distractions if it is being used by the driver.Apple iPhone

Among the innovations it offers is the ability to forward incoming calls and texts silently to message boxes; or respond automatically stating that the owner is driving and will reply later. It could even put a voice call through if a caller or texter insists that the matter is important. As for outgoing communication, it could disable texting and make certain calls less difficult – such as by offering a list of favourites.

It is clear that steps need to be taken to resolve mobile phone use behind the wheel. Though there are fines and penalties in the UK, they do not exist State-side and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates around 3,000 fatal accidents occur across the USA every year due to distracted driving. Indeed one in 20 traffic accidents involves a driver talking on a mobile phone.

There have been developments in the past – such as measuring how fast a mobile phone is moving and cutting off conversations when a driver is travelling above a certain speed – however, these were generally dismissed as being too complex.

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