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BMW electric cars to run on renewable energy

Yesterday we told you how BMW was launching a new electric car sharing programme, known as DriveNow, in San Francisco, California (see article) – and now we can reveal that the electric cars taking part in the programme will be powered by renewable energy.

That’s because BMW has teamed up with Green Mountain Energy Company to purchase renewable energy certificates that will cover the estimated electricity use of the 70 BMW ActiveE vehicles (pictured) that are taking part in DriveNow.BMW ActiveE White

The idea behind DriveNow is to give drivers access to efficient, premium vehicles: and now BMW hopes that by purchasing the renewable energy certificates consumers will feel even more confident about the environmental credentials of the programme. The electricity being put into the grid will be from wind energy rather than fossil fuels, and so all drivers who get behind the wheel of a BMW ActiveE within the programme will know that it is supporting greener electricity.

This latest agreement also adds to an announcement made by the companies back in July that outlined a programme for 700 BMW ActiveE drivers to support renewable energy in their cars.

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