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Scottish EV recharging network joins Charge Your Car

The North East’s Charge Your Car network is truly expanding as the Plugged-in Places scheme works to connect regional charging networks together. Now the network is expanding over the border into Scotland as Transport Scotland announces all its existing 500 free-to-use charging points will join Charge Your Car’s open access network.

The UK’s first open charge network, Charge Your Car will welcome a further 250 charge points in early 2013, as more charging points are installed across Scotland and connected to the scheme -more than doubling the size of the existing network and making it much easier for electric vehicle (EV) drivers to travel further, crossing the border between Scotland and England.

Charge Your Car public charging pointTransport Scotland’s range of charge points include APT, Charging Solutions, Elektromotive, POD Point and Siemens installations, all of which are OCPP (Open Charge Point Protocol) compliant, enabling them to join Charge Your Car's charge point management system.

Mike Foster, Senior Project Manager at Transport Scotland said: "Transport Scotland is putting in place the infrastructure that will enable Scotland's motorists to purchase and operate electric vehicles. By joining the Charge Your Car network we are ensuring that EV drivers everywhere will be able to access and use our infrastructure in a way that is convenient for them"

First launched in 2010 as the North East England’s Plugged in Places scheme, Charge Your Car was also the first network to introduce DC rapid charge points and in 2011 the first to introduce pay-as-you-go recharging, using a pay-by-phone system. This enabled EV drivers to roam and access recharging infrastructure in the same way that they buy petrol or park their car, without multiple membership cards or payment of subscriptions.

From April 2013, EV drivers will be able to access the Charge Your Car network via an app on their smartphone. Unlike current apps which offer limited map functionality, the Charge Your Car app will enable EV drivers to access and instigate a charge at any pay-as-you-go charge point, making recharging quick, convenient and affordable.

Alexandra Prescott, Operations Manager at Charge Your Car said: "We're delighted that Transport Scotland has chosen to join the Charge Your Car network, bringing us another step closer to our goal of 10,000 public access pay-as-you-go charge points across the UK."

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Faye Sunderland

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Branka Dimitrijevic

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