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BMW introduces new EfficientDynamics family

It may be working towards electrification in the long term, but BMW still sees massive potential in conventional engines – and is aiming to make them as fuel efficient as possible with a completely new EfficientDynamics family.

The new series of engines will take advantage of BMW TwinPower Turbo technology with the first member of the new family being a three-cylinder TwinPower Turbo petrol unit which will be included in the Concept Advanced Tourer plug-in hybrid (pictured) set to be showcased at the Paris Motor Show.

BMW Concept Advanced Tourer Plug-in Hybrid

Of course, the TwinPower Turbo technology is already a feature of many petrol and diesel engines from BMW. It is the combination of variable load control and the latest fuel injection technology. It includes the Vanos variable camshaft control system; the VALVETRONIC variable valve timing system; and the variable turbine geometry of the diesel turbochargers.

They are linked with high precision injection direct fuel injection in the petrol engines; and a common rail direct injection system for diesel units.

Currently, the TwinPower technology is applied to a number of petrol and diesel engines for various powers and capacities. However, with the new EfficientDynamics technology it will become a common characteristic of all engines: whether three, four or six cylinders.

There is a common design principle for all units. Each engine has an optimised cylinder unit with a capacity of 500cc; while the power is developed in each cylinder between 30 and 50kW: the petrol engine develops 60-80Nm, while the diesel develops between 20 and 45kW.

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