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London to trial cyclist traffic lights?

Traffic lights for cyclists could soon be trialled in London in a bid to cut the number of cyclists being killed on Britain’s roads.

Transport for London is expected to test out the lights in the coming months which could be rolled out to other busy cities if found to improve road safety for cyclists, according to the Telegraph.

Cycle traffic lights have proven successful in other countries, helping to completely eradicate collisions involving bikes in California in just two years.

One set of these lights is already in place at the Bow roundabout in east London. They will be considered as part of an overall review of traffic signs regulations currently under way in Whitehall, Transport Minister Norman Baker has revealed.

One set of these lights is already in place at the Bow roundabout in east London. Photo: Eclèctica

Measures like advanced stop lines for cyclists at traffic lights have been in place since 2010 but many cyclists believe they are ineffective, taking illegal and highly dangerous measures to get ahead of four-wheeled traffic.

A study published in May this year found that 57 per cent of cyclists have jumped a red light at least once, with 14 per cent saying they do so regularly. Ninety-four per cent of cyclists surveyed said they have seen a driver cross an advanced stop line.

The number of cyclists killed or injured in road accidents has increased for 10 of the last 13 quarters, according to data from the Department for Transport.

[Source: The Telegraph]

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