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New Toyota Auris to cut emissions by 13 per cent

Keep your eyes peeled for a brand new Toyota Auris (pictured), which is to be built here in the UK, and will offer massive fuel consumption and CO2 emissions savings.

The vehicle is said to be the first in a huge product offensive from Toyota towards the European C-segment. It will boast a host of aerodynamic improvements, engine enhancements and weight savings which help its CO2 emissions to fall to just 109g/km – a 13 per cent saving compared to the previous generation.

Toyota Auris Hybrid White

So what can we expect from the new-line up?

At the heart of the emissions savings is a new powertrain line-up that will feature a choice of two petrol and two diesel engines, as well as an improved hybrid car. They will each feature the benefits of Toyota Optimal Drive, which includes an array of advanced technologies and internal improvements such as: the use of super-lightweight engine components and transmissions; the minimisation of mechanical losses with the adoption of Valvematic with the 1.6litre petrol engine; and the maximisation of combustion efficiency with the diesel engines boasting enhanced exhaust gas recirculation and low compression ratios.

In addition, the 1.33litre Dual VVT-I petrol engine and the 1.4litre D-4D diesel engine will both come with stop and start technology available: the technology will also be included as standard with the 2.0litre D-4D engine.

With the stop and start system, there is an immediate restart with virtually no engine sound or vibration and it is estimated that during urban driving this feature alone can deliver CO2 emissions savings of around three per cent.

Toyota will also introduce a new version of its Auris Hybrid – which is currently the second most popular full hybrid car in Europe, behind the Prius. Its powertrain has been improved, with the Hybrid Synergy Drive system modified for a smoother feel to vehicle acceleration; while the 1.8litre VVT-I petrol engine with the 60kW electric motor can collectively generate 101kW. The Auris Hybrid can race from 0-62mph in 10.9seconds with a maximum speed of 112mph. It can also travel for around 1.2miles on electric power alone.

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Paul Lucas

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