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News in brief: Toyota to double hybrid production

Japanese car giant, Toyota is expected to double production of its hybrid models to take advantage of rising demand in Asian markets, news agency, Reuters reports.

Production of hybrid vehicles expected to reach 1.2 million before the end of the year with a new hybrid model planned for launch in Japan before the end  2013.

Toyota has plans to make a hybrid version of its Corolla saloon in 2013 for the Japanese market, which is expected to further boost demand for petrol-electric models for the brand.

Plans are also being considered to set up a hybrid assembly plant in Indonesia having recently brought launched  a similar facility in Thailand, Japanese business publication, the Nikkei writes.

It is estimated that Japan currently accounts for around 70-80 per cent of all hybrid sales for the carmaker.

Source: Reuters.

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Faye Sunderland

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