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Go Low with the Citroen C-ZERO

It is one of the leading names for car pooling in the country – and now Go Low is going electric with a significant order for 12 Citroen C-ZERO electric cars (pictured).

The Community Interest Company, which was established earlier this year to provide sustainable fleet management services, is set to use the electric cars to support Bristol City Council with public sector organisations in the area able to use the low emission service. Go Low Citroen C-ZERO

Customers will be able to book the Go Low C-ZERO cars online and can see where cars are available at the time required. The electric vehicles will be available to customer staff for work, as well as for private use during the weekends.

According to Pierre Fox, the director of Go Low, the company is committed to improving efficiency and reducing the environmental impact of car pooling operations.

“The Citroën C-ZERO electric car is ideal for our Bristol operation in that it is a roomy, well equipped five-door city car with excellent range and performance,” he said.

“We expect that Go Low will be expanding the number of C-ZEROs it operates, both in Bristol and at our other locations.”

Bristol City Council is also offering funding to support the installation of charging points in a number of areas where the C-ZERO vehicles will be based.

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