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Toyota introduces new RAV4: more fuel efficient than ever

The Los Angeles International Auto Show 2012 has marked the debut of a number of exciting vehicles: however, it is a new look for an old friend that is really capturing the imagination.

The Toyota RAV4 (pictured) was the world’s first crossover SUV when it was introduced back in 1994: and now it has been updated with its fourth generation and a line-up that is more fuel efficient than ever as the V6 engine has been discontinued.

Toyota RAV4 Black 2013

Now the vehicle will only feature Toyota’s 2.5litre four-cylinder engine – capable of producing 176hp at 6,000rpm and 23Nm of torque at 4,100rpm. A six-speed transmission has also been introduced with sequential shift to replace the four-speed automatic.

The RAV4 front-wheel drive models have received fuel economy ratings of 24mpg city and 31mpg highway; while the all-wheel drive models offer 22mpg city and 29mpg highway. There is also a new Eco mode that is designed to further boost efficiency.

All of this comes with more dynamic drive and handling too, thanks to the inclusion of technologies such as Sport Mode and Dynamic Torque Control AWD; as well as enhancements to the vehicle’s suspension performance and the optimisation of its electric power steering.

In addition, the Limited grade will offer a driver assistance system in the form of a Blind Spot Monitor that can be turned off using a dashboard switch. When it detects a vehicle in an adjacent lane, it will alert a driver using a blinking light in the side mirrors.

Specific fuel economy for each engine has yet to be revealed but we have received a heads-up on the CO2 emissions and OTR prices for each trim and engine:

Active 2WD 2.0 diesel man. - £22,595 - 127g/km

Icon 2WD 2.0 diesel man. - £24,295 - 127g/km

Icon AWD 2.0 Petrol CVT auto - £25,595 - 167g/km

Invincible AWD 2.2 diesel man. - £26,495 - 149 g/km

Icon  AWD 2.2 diesel auto - £27,595 - 176g/km

Invincible  AWD  2.2 diesel man. - £28,195 - 149g/km

Invincible  AWD  2.2 auto - £29,295  - 176g/km

Toyota RAV4 Black 2013 rear

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