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Load-carrying Twizy EV on the horizon?

Renault is expected to launch a ‘cargo’ version of its famous Twizy electric quadricycle next year.

It is thought that the new battery-powered model will sacrifice the space for a passenger to give the model greater cargo space, currently limited to a small 31 litre storage space behind the rear seat and two storage pockets on the dashboard.

The Renault Twizy-could it be about to lose the passenger space to make a 'cargo' version?

That should make the Twizy better suited to local courier duties and pizza deliveries, perhaps opening up a new market for the model, which so far, has been mainly marketed to cash-strapped youngsters as a four wheel alternative to a scooter or motorbike.

According to , Renault’s Global Head of Marketing, Stephen Norman recently hinted that a cargo version will likely make an appearance in 2013. We’re putting our money on a prototype making an appearance at the Geneva Motor Show next March.

Launched just earlier this year, the two-seat Twizy became the third model to launch in Renault’s Z.E range of battery electric models, following the launch of the Kangoo Z.E and Fluence Z.E.

With the fourth and final model, the ZOE supermini to join the range next year, Renault will be keen to promote its three existing fully-electric models.

According to AM online, Renault Twizy is proving a hit, outselling the Fluence Z.E on by four to one in the UK, with 252 Twizys sold in the UK over the last five months.

Currently, the Twizy has room for two, with the passenger seated behind the driver.  It costs from from £6,690 here with a battery lease of around £45 a month. It features a driving range of around 62 miles per full battery charge and a top speed of 50 mph. You can read our first test drive experience here

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Faye Sunderland

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