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Citroen cuts emissions with new PureTech engines

Citroen’s new family of turbo-boosted petrol engines have helped the cut greenhouse gas emissions by roughly 25 per cent.

Each of the new PureTech engines offers equivalent or superior power compared to the previous generation of engines, despite offering significant improvements in fuel economy and reduced CO2 emissions.

Citroen PureTech engineThe new engines are available on the C3, DS3 and the C-Elysée models;  the last of which was developed for the Chinese market and is not available in the UK.

Produced at the Trémery site in France, PureTech engines are also lighter and more compact than the last generation of engines and meet a requirement for at least 50 kW per litre of fuel.

Two different capacity versions have been developed; a 1.0 litre and a 1.2 litre with power ranging from 68hp to 82hp (50 to 60 kW). Depending on the model and the tyres fitted, combined cycle fuel consumption for the new family is between 65.7mpg and 61.4mpg and CO2 emissions range from 99 to 107g/km.

One PureTech engine is already available in the UK - on sale now in C3 and DS3 models. The VTi 82 engine has a capacity of 1,199cc, with maximum power of 60 kW available at 5,750 rpm for a 6 kW increase on the 1.4 litre unit it replaces. Top speed is up 7mph (11km/h), and fuel economy is also improved - by up to 15.7mpg- or 25 per cent compared to the previous generation engine - to 62.8 mpg. CO2 emissions are up to 35g/km lower at 104 g/km.

Citroen C3 Airdream 2013

The VTi 68 engine, which will be available in the C3 range next year, has a capacity of 999cc. Maximum power of 50 kW at 6,000 rpm is up by 6 kW compared to the 1.1 litre engine it will replace. Top speed is increased by 5mph while combined-cycle fuel consumption is down 17.8mpg to 65.7mpg and CO2 emissions are a full 38g/km lower at 99g/km.

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Faye Sunderland

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