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Electric cars dominate EPA list of the most efficient vehicles

Electric cars have completely taken over in the US as the most energy efficient vehicles available.

A new 2013 Fuel Economy Guide published by the US’ Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) places the new Scion iQ EV model at the top of the pack, with a economy rating of 121 mpge (the e stands for ‘equivalent’ rating in mpg). The newly launched iQ EV, based on the Toyota iQ, sadly will not be launching in Europe, but is designed to help its parent company comply with new CAFE emission standards. Just 100 Scion iQ EVs are expected to be produced and will be sold to fleets. 

Scion iQ EV 

Likewise, the second-place Honda Fit EV is another electric car being dubbed a ‘compliance car’, launched to help its maker meet a requirement for average economy of 54.5 mpg by 2025 under CAFE requirements set by EPA.

The new Fit EV achieves combined fuel economy of 118mpge.

These two cars are followed by a more familiar electric car model, the Mitsubishi i-MiEV (112mpge), then the smart fortwo EV cabriolet and coupe models (107mpge), the Ford Focus Electric (105mpge) and the Tesla Model S (fitted with a 60kW battery at 95mpge while the 85kW battery model achieves 89mpge).

The Coda sedan (73mpge) and the range-extended Chevrolet Volt (62mpge) make up the final two models in the top ten most efficient models available in the US for 2013.

Discounting electric models, the most efficient models in the US are hybrids, with the Toyota Prius and Toyota Prius c rated at the top (with 50mpg) and then the Ford C-Max Hybrid and Ford Fusion Hybrid (47mpg). In fact, all of the top five non-electric models are hybrids.

Releasing its new 2013 Fuel Economy Guide, EPA Administrator Lisa P. Jackson says: “This Administration has been working to foster a new generation of clean, fuel-efficient American vehicles, and part of that effort is ensuring that Americans have access to the best possible fuel economy information when they’re choosing a car.

“The 2013 Fuel Economy Guide provides Americans information about which car on the lot offers the greatest fuel economy and the lowest environmental impact. These are important considerations that can help families save money while protecting their health and the environment.”

Consumers can view the guide at and it will be available in hard copy at dealer showrooms.

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