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Lexus hybrid sales exceed half-million mark

Worldwide sales of Lexus hybrids have surpassed the 500k point.

The brand has shifted more than 506,000 hybrids since the RX400h - the world's first production full hybrid luxury SUV - went on sale in 2005.

The UK accounts for 6.4 per cent of all Lexus hybrids sold globally (32,704 units) and between January and August 2012, led European sales for the CT, GS and RX models.

Lexus RX 450h white 2012

The RX [pictured] has been the most popular Lexus hybrid amongst UK buyers with the CT 200h successfully drawing new customers to the Lexus brand.

Hybrids make for more than 85 per cent of all Lexus models sold in Western Europe (126,000 units). A quarter of all Lexus hybrids sold worldwide end up in Western Europe.

How each Lexus hybrid has performed in the UK and globally:

RX 400h/450h 2005/2009 259,000 20,393
GS 450h 2006 32,000 2,894
LS 600h 2007 29,000 578
HS 250h 2009 56,000 n/a
CT 200h 2011 122,000 8.839
ES 300h 2012 8,000 n/a

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