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Toyota reveals new Crown models: includes new hybrid cars

Ever since introducing the Prius in 1997, Toyota has been leading the way with hybrid cars: and now it has another addition to its collection.

This time centre stage goes to the redesigned Crown Royal and Crown Athlete saloon cars, with production of a new hybrid version to begin at the end of January. Toyota Crown Silver

The original Toyota Crown debuted back in 1955: and the vehicle will now be in its 14th generation. There was a mild hybrid version introduced in 2001 and a full hybrid with the Toyota Hybrid System in 2008.

This version however, will feature a rear-wheel-drive hybrid system that will link a 2.5litre four-cylinder inline Atkinson cycle engine. According to Toyota it is capable of maximum thermal efficiency of 38.5 per cent helping it to impressive output and high efficiency. It includes a 105kW electric motor with maximum torque of 300Nm; while fuel efficiency is 54.6mpg and CO2 emissions are the equivalent of 100g/km.

Thanks to these impressive fuel efficiency standards – which exceed 2015 levels by 20 per cent – the Crown qualifies for tax reductions in Japan.

In addition, the model features a host of brilliant safety systems – including a pre-collision system and an intelligence-clearance sonar. Drive start control is also standard on all of the vehicles.

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