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Report: ChargePoint to lead the electric car supply equipment market

Formerly known as Coulomb Technologies, ChargePoint is expected to be the leader of the electric vehicle charging equipment market. That’s the verdict of Pike Research which is also suggesting that global sales of electric vehicle supply equipment will grow at a rate of 37 per cent between 2012 and 2020.

There were less than 200,000 units sold during 2012 – but this number is predicted to rise to 2.4million units by 2020. Coulomb ChargePoint 4.0

ChargePoint and DBT are predicted to be the leaders in the market. However, Pike notes that it is not yet known about the most viable business models. Pike believes that electric vehicle charging equipment companies will need to develop units to reduce the cost in order to compete.

The Pike report focused on 14 electric vehicle charging equipment manufacturers, all of which offer level two units to both commercial and residential customers.

It deemed that the leaders are ChargePoint and DBT as they have secured a significant market share and are operating in a number of critical markets while offering a wide range of products.

The contenders include: Eaton, General Electric, Efacec, Leviton, Schneider Electric and Siemens. They are companies that have not yet grabbed a significant market share but that have scored well based on their strategy and ability to invest.

They are followed by two challengers – Legrand and Better Place. Legrand is deemed as just starting to make a major play in the market; while Better Place is also a relative newcomer having originally focused on battery switching.

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