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Bigfoot goes electric with EV monster truck

Electric cars already come in a variety of sizes, from city cars to luxury saloons, but now there is a new choice; monster.

While electric vehicles lack the growl to make a good monster, Team Bigfoot, the company which claims to be the creators of the original monster truck, has produced an electric version of its huge pick-up.

Bigfoot #20

Called the Bigfoot #20, the electric version is fitted with a powerful DC electric motor, and a pair of lexan-encased battery packs that included a grand total of 30 Odyssey batteries, producing 360 volts of power.

Like its gas-guzzling counterparts, the Bigfoot #20 monster truck is fitted with standard 66-inch tall Firestone flotation tires mounted on blacked-out custom 25-inch steel wheels, with eight nitrogen-charged Knight Stalker racing shocks.

It is the world’s first electric monster truck and it has already been put to the test to see if it can crush ordinary cars as well as the rest of its monstrous family.

Bigfoot #20 in action

Navigated by legendary monster truck drive Jim Kramer, the Bigfoot #20 drove over a pair of junkyard cards in front of an enthused crowd of Bigfoot employees, a local TV news station, and numerous Bigfoot fans (you can see the truck in action in the video above).

The quiet operation of the electric version, led one onlooker to comment: "I've been going to monster truck shows for years, and I've never actually heard the cars get crushed under the tires. This thing is just unreal!"

The model made its public debut at the 2012 SEMA show in Las Vegas. The team now plans to complete additional test sessions with the truck and truck fans can expect to see it making appearances throughout 2013, with the announcement of official dates expected in the coming weeks.

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Faye Sunderland

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