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UK aims for vehicle emissions breakthrough

Driving down emissions from heavy duty vehicles is vital to cleaning up the air we breathe – and now a partnership between the UK’s Energy Technologies Institute, Johnson Matthey, Caterpillar and Loughborough University is aiming to make a significant breakthrough.

Together they have launched a £4.5million technology project with the hope of improving the effectiveness of selective catalytic reaction (SCR) after-treatment systems. This should reduce nitrogen oxides from heavy duty vehicles. HDV Emissions

It is hoped that the project will help to boost heavy duty vehicle fuel efficiency. In many cases currently, diesel engine fuel efficiency can be reduced without needing to meet exhaust emission standards: but this new exhaust system could remove this constraint. It aims to bring fuel efficiency and CO2 emission benefits in the region of three-four per cent.

The project has been commissioned by the Energy Technologies Institute with work to be carried out at the Loughborough University School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering.

According to Chris Thorne, who is the programme manager of HDV efficiency for the Energy Technologies Institute, energy efficiency is a massive challenge facing the UK: and this model could make a meaningful different in reducing carbon emissions.

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