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Opel reduces fuel consumption by 10 per cent with new engine

The European branch of General Motors, Opel, has highlighted its commitment to the environment by introducing a new engine with a dramatic fuel economy saving.

The new four-cylinder, 1.6litre turbo-diesel CDTI Ecotec engine (pictured) will replace the existing 1.7litre engines and several lower powered versions of the 2.0litre range. It is the first diesel engine from Opel to meet Euro 6 emission requirements and is set to be available in a range of power outputs across several models.Opel 1.6litre CDTI Ecotec Engine

Its statistics are what really grab the eye, however.

Maximum power and torque have been increased compared to the 1.7litre engine: with the new engine capable of 136hp and 320Nm of torque. Yet despite the increase in power, fuel consumption has been reduced by 10 per cent compared to the similarly powerful 2.0litre diesel models.

Speaking about the introduction of the new engine, Dr Thomas Sedran, the deputy chairman of the Opel Management Board, commented that the 1.6litre engine is set to establish new benchmarks in terms of performance, environmental compatibility and refinement. It is hoped that by the end of the year, the carmaker will have launched three new generations of petrol and diesel engines across a roll-out of new models that is set to be completed by 2016: overall, it will feature 23 new models and 13 new powertrains.

It is also expected that manufacturing will start on the new 1.6litre CDTI ECOTEC engine in Hungary this spring.

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