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News in brief: Ford Fusion Energi to boast 620mile range

Ford is determined to make its new Fusion Energi (pictured) a serious contender to the dominance of the Chevrolet Volt and Toyota Prius Plug-in: and newly released statistics suggest it will be exactly that.

The second plug-in hybrid vehicle from Ford has now received official ratings from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA): and it will boast a total range of up to 620miles, including a 21mile all-electric range.Ford Fusion Energi

The range statistics follow on from impressive fuel economy figures that were confirmed in December. Then, the EPA rated the vehicle as being capable of travelling 108mpge in city conditions, 92mpge on the highway and 100mpge combined.

In addition, the Ford Fusion Energi will have an electric-only speed of 85mph: that’s 23mph more than the Toyota Prius Plug-in Hybrid; while delivering total horsepower of 195hp (145kW).

Ford hopes that the Fusion Energi will continue a remarkable period of sales success: the American carmaker sold more hybrids during the fourth quarter of 2012, reaching 19,554 units, than during any three-month period in its history.

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Paul Lucas

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