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Hummer goes green with mini electric car

It has been a couple of years since the demise of the much-derided Hummer. But for those of you who loved its excessive, chunky styling, then you might be pleased to know that the spirit of the Hummer lives on, albeit in a smaller, greener form, to appease our inner eco-warriors.

London-based company Prindiville has produced a two-seat, electric version of Hummer, as an official licensed product of General Motors.


Just three-metres long, the Prindiville Electric Hummer is just a fraction of the size of the monster that inspired it, and unlike its parent car, it is eligible to travel through London without incurring the London Congestion Charge and is deductible from corporate taxes and free from some parking fees.

Pennies to run

Fitted with a 72 V lithium ion battery pack, the little electric Hummer is capable of a 60 mile range. An on-board Delta-QTM Multi Region charge  system enables the car to be recharged from any standard 13 amp indoor or outdoor electric socket, for a full recharge time of around eight hours, although it can also be charged from 16 amp charging point for a faster charge. Off-peak, the Hummer could cost as little as 1.2 pence per mile in electricity to run.

Constructed on an lightweight chassis, the new compact model debuts with a luxury Limited Edition series of 25 vehicles, before heading into a full manufacturing programme.

The head-turning white-metallic exterior of the Limited Edition Prindiville Electric Hummer boasts carbon fibre detailing across the front hood storage compartment and flared wheel arches, which are flanked by the familiar chrome louver grille, steel plates, matt black window surrounds, and 15 or 18-inch alloy wheels. Added safety comes courtesy of lockable double-skinned driver and passenger doors, and injection moulded LED front headlamps and rear taillights to provide superior luminosity.

Inside there is heated sports seats lined with alcantara and an elegant white trim, an LCD digital dash display indicating remaining battery power and speed among other key system functions, a twin cup holder, a Pioneer™ CD radio and MP3 in-car entertainment system complete with a slimline remote control.

Commenting on the unveiling of the Limited Edition Prindiville Electric Hummer, Truska Angel, CEO of Prindiville Design, said: “In parallel to being one the world’s leading luxury coachbuilders, we are fully aware of our responsibility to offer motorists sustainable choices through the provision of exciting transport solutions in this evolving electric sector. The new model is clearly a step in the right direction and the beginning of an exciting journey which promotes individual styling preferences, fun, and an all-important sustainable lifestyle. This is clear evidence that greener choices do not have to compromise luxury and beautiful design.”

Prices start from £25,000/$40,000 (excluding taxes, VAT and shipping) and includes a 2 yrs/10,000 mile warranty, plus one year 24 hour roadside recovery / breakdown assistance.

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