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New electric minibus arrives in the UK

A new electric six-seat passenger ‘transfer’ vehicle is now available in the UK for the first time.

While road-legal, with a range of just 50 miles, the new Golia minibus is designed primarly for passenger transfer purposes in closed campus environments such as airports, holiday villages, hospitals, leisure complexes and universities.

Golia 6 seat passenger vehicle now available in UKDesigned and manufacturer by Milan-based Esagano Energia, the Golia bus has full N1 type approval, a 30mph and a quick-swap battery pack to enable extended hours of operation.

A driver and passenger sear sit at the front of the vehicle, with four seats in a 2x2 black cab configuration sit at the rear. There is also a luggage area with a payload of 200kg.

A two-speed manual gearbox helps it cope with steeper gradients while other standard features include regenerative braking, reverse alarm and an adjustable steering wheel.

It’s brought to the UK by ePowerTrucks-a leading importer of all-electric vehicles, which now provides the country with the largest array of passenger-carriers, burden carriers, tow tractors and pedestrian-controlled electric vehicles.

Jerry Hanss, Managing Director of ePowerTrucks, said: “This is a unique electric vehicle in the UK. It is robust, compact, very cost-effective to run and can meet the passenger carrying needs of a wide range of sectors.

“The simplicity of the quick-change battery pack means companies working on a closed campus such as an airport do not have to worry about range anxiety.”

                                              Quick-swap battery

The battery pack can be fully recharged in just 8-10 hours, or can be swapped out for a spare pack in a matter of minutes, using only one person and a pallet truck. As an all-electric vehicle, it can help sites lower their fleet emissions; reduce fuel bills and bring down vehicle service and maintenance costs.

The bus is the latest addition to the ePowerTrucks range of commercial EVs. This includes more than 35 passenger and utility vehicles from leading brands including Alke, Club Car, Motrec and Mia. The firm is the sole UK distributor for GEM all-electric passenger and utility vehicles.

ePowerTrucks customers include Microsoft, Coca-Cola Enterprises, Glaxo Smith Kline and BAE Systems, plus a large number of local authorities and NHS Trusts.

The Golia bus is available from ePowerTrucks from £35,000. For further details, visit

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