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Nissan LEAF electric cars become taxis in Zurich

Ten Nissan LEAF electric cars have secured themselves employment as taxis in the Swiss capital of Zurich.

The city follows in the footsteps of Amsterdam, New York, Tokyo, Mexico City and Sao Paulo in turning to Nissan for supply of zero-emission vehicles for taxi services.

Wrapped in a vivid green colour, the new LEAF taxis will be truly zero emission thanks to supply of 100 per cent renewable energy to fast chargers placed around the city.

Global Shapers Help launch Nissan LEAF Taxi Service in Zurich

Initially, ten Nissan LEAFs will be used as taxis in the city with a further ten joining the scheme by mid-2013. By 2015, it is envisaged that 15 per cent of the Zurich taxi fleet will be electric and that the city will boast an extensive network of fast chargers, which can replenish a depleted battery from 30 to 80 per cent capacity in just 15 minutes.

The fleet will not just help the city cut its transport emissions, but will serve to prove that electric cars are a viable alternative to gas-guzzlers.

World Economic Forum

The Zurich Green Taxi Initiative has been pioneered by a group of young Swiss leaders ,who are all part of the World Economic Forum's Global Shapers Community. Shapers are aged between 20 and 30 and all have a desire to serve society and improve local communities. The Zurich scheme was launched last Friday by Nissan Europe and Global Shapers at the Zurich hub during the annual World Economic Forum's Annual Meeting in Davos.

"We are delighted that the undoubted benefits of a green taxi fleet have been recognized by an organization as significant as the World Economic Forum," said Andy Palmer, Executive Vice President, Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.

"With the backing of the Global Shapers Community, many thousands of citizens and visitors to Zurich will be able to discover first-hand how zero emission electric vehicles cars like Nissan LEAF are ready to change the world in which we live," he added.

Last week’s World Economic Forum also welcomed the use of fuel cell powered buses, supplied by Mercedes-Benz (see story). 

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Faye Sunderland

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NissanLEAFs will be used as taxis in the city with a further ten joining the scheme by mid-2013. I think this news will be helpful to people who want to travel in taxi. Thank you.

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