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Plug-in vehicle charging project kicks off in Berlin

It is designed to ensure there is smooth interoperation of plug-in vehicles and charging points across the different car manufacturers: and now the eNterop project is under way in Berlin.

The €4.6million project, which is backed by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology and industry partners such as Siemens, Daimler, BMW, VW, TU Dortmund, RWE, Fraunhofer and Continental, aims to establish a standard after testing a number of product types in a variety of different use cases.Plug-in Vehicle Charging

In fact, it will look at three main areas:

- Defining test procedures: So manufacturers don’t waste time with expensive mutual interoperability tests. At the same time it will also allow the free market to develop.

- Development of a reference implementation: This will address the development of internationally marketable products and avoid technical hurdles by creating an open technology platform.

- Support of model regions, funded projects and SME: To help with the deployment of standardised technology so that early experiences can be fed back to the eNterop technology platform.

During the initial meeting, partners showcased their plans and their initial results in Berlin: including Siemens revealing a prototype for charging with direct current that already meets the standard. It also showcased a system designed for cordless, inductive charging.

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