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Car clubs start to conquer business sector too

Using car club services is becoming increasingly attractive alternative to car ownership; not just for private individuals but for businesses too, according to Zipcar.

Operating the UK's largest pay-as-you-drive network, Zipcar points to evidence from the RAC -that company car ownership has dropped by 20% in recent years- to help account for its rising success with business customers.


Today, the firm launches its Business Calculator to demonstrate to its growing pool of business customers, the potential benefits of using car club services. The tool enables potential customers to better understand their transport usage patterns, assess the costs involved and identify associated administrative time.

Zipcar says it can be tough for businesses to get a complete and realistic picture of transport costs, but with just a few basic details, the calculator can quickly collate a report demonstrating potential time and cost savings of switching to a 'pay-as-you-drive' solution, taking into account a business' size, current transport mix, time spent travelling, along with time spent on transport administration - from insurance and road tax through to processing travel receipts. Working in real-time, it will also show businesses the locations of their closest five Zipcar vehicles.

On demand mobility

Car club services like Zipcar's offer on-demand, pay-as-you-drive mobility service. Vehicles are available by the hour or by the day, from convenient locations close to people's homes and offices. The firm's range of vehicles means customers can choose the most appropriate model for their specific requirement on the day, including small cars, premium vehicles and vans. A Zipcar van

Andrew Edgar, Head of Zipcar for Business comments: "Zipcar works with businesses of all sizes across a wide range of industries, from accountants attending meetings, to florists delivering flowers. With its flexible and simple service, Zipcar allows these businesses to be more agile. By freeing businesses from the burden of fixed overheads, Zipcar brings down the costs of each company's transport needs. Zipcar provides a smarter, greener and more cost effective option when it comes to business travel, which makes sense to innovative, progressive businesses looking to make 2013 their best year yet."

One firm already benefitting from using Zipcar's car club fleet, is Onefinestay, the online service for people to rent out their homes to tourists. Ronan Quigley, Head of Logistics at onefinestay said: "We manage hundreds of homes across London, so the multiple locations and instant access offered by Zipcar is the perfect fit for our operations. The most important aspect, especially over busy periods like the Olympics and Christmas, has been the ability to expand our fleet without making longer commitments to vehicle leasers. Zipcar is not only affordable but saves us time managing our scalable transport model. With Zipcar there are no hidden costs and it's an all-inclusive alternative, from fuel and tax through to insurance and Congestion Charge."

The Business Calculator is the latest example of the Zipcar's technology-enabled proposition aimed at simplifying travel. Businesses can manage their Zipcar use online or on the Zipcar mobile app, with multiple employees signed up under one account. Employees can book via their smartphone, online or over the phone 24/7 and live statements can be exported from the Zipcar site, making fuel receipts and paper invoicing a thing of the past.

The Business Calculator is available at

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