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Ford to bring electric cars to one third of dealerships

Rumours of the electric car’s demise appear to have been greatly exaggerated: with Ford seemingly more committed to bringing the technology to the mainstream than ever before.

The US carmaker has announced that it will offer the Ford Focus Electric (pictured) and both the Ford C-MAX Energi and Fusion plug-in hybrid electric cars at one third of its dealerships across all 50 states by the spring. This trebles its expectations for this timeframe.

Ford Focus Electric Silver

In total, more than 900 dealerships will offer Ford electric cars: that’s a rapid rise from just 200 last November.

Sales of Ford’s electric car line-up have been solid if unspectacular. During January, the carmaker reported sales of just 81 Ford Focus Electric models; as well as 338 C-MAX Energi plug-in hybrid cars. Indeed since the Ford Focus Electric has been introduced in June 2012 its sales have only amounted to 693 units; with sales for the C-MAX Energi well ahead at 2,712 units since it was introduced in October.

However, Ford is enjoying success in the hybrid car market in general: with sales of 5,868 units in January - the majority being the Ford Fusion Hybrid. Its share of the electric market has now leapt from less than three per cent last April to 16 per cent in December. This places it second only to Toyota.

Now, CJ O’Donnell, the electrified vehicle marketing manager for Ford, is keen to capitalise on this momentum. He highlights that 60 per cent of new vehicle shoppers are said to be considering hybrid products: and suggests that early sales of the company’s electrified vehicles have been “phenomenal”.

Now to become a certified electric car dealership, dealers must have one of the two required charging stations at the dealership; and at least one Ford Focus Electric and Ford C-MAX Energi must be available at all times.

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Paul Lucas

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