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Scotland plans EV charging points every 50 miles

An ambition plan to help Scotland lead the charge in electric car uptake, will see public charging points placed at least every 50 miles on major roads across the country.

ChevyVoltNatPlugInDayDetroit001.jpgA fund of £2.6 million, including £750,000 from the Transport Scotland, will also fund the installation of charging points at leisure facilities, local authority public car parks and will fund workplace charging facilities. Charing points at ferry terminals will enable electric car drivers to even roam remote islands off the mainland.

Project partner- energy company SSE-will install charging facilities at homes across the country for free.

There will also be a network of chargers in place in time to be used by officials and visitors to the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.

Decarbonised transport by 2050

It is hoped that the project will help Scotland meet its target to completely decarbonise of road transport by 2050 in part through the adoption of low emission vehicles.

The Scottish Government’s new ChargePlace Scotland web pages – launched yesterday- will carry the locations of all the charging points, details of financial help to get an EV on the road and all the benefits of joining the electric revolution for a greener future.

Transport Minister Keith Brown and Environment and Climate Change Minister Paul Wheelhouse joined forces at Knockhill racing circuit to announce details of the plans.

A Nissan LEAF electric car in the Hebrides-soon it could be easier for EVs to roam here

Mr Brown said: “Scotland has long been at the forefront of world-changing innovation, be it penicillin or television, and I want to ensure we are leading where the rest of the world will soon follow on electric vehicles.

“This funding looks to the future - a low carbon future with, to an electric revolution on our roads where people can charge their carbon-neutral cars at home, drive them to their local station and jump on an electric train to their workplace, which will also have charging points for the days they need to take the car to work.

“Or tourists can decide to take an EV driving tour around Scotland, safe in the knowledge they are never too far from a charger. And can hop on a ferry knowing they can charge up at the other end if needed.”

Over the past two years, the Scottish Government has invested over £8 million in electric vehicles and infrastructure, enabling Scotland's public services to purchase around 270 low carbon vehicles (LCVs).

Thanks to the Plugged in Places scheme, Scotland already has over 80 publicly available charge posts installed, with a further 200 posts on local authority owned facilities to support the growing public sector EV fleet.

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